Brittany Julian
​USA National Miss Arizona Teen 2014

Brittany and Nicole sorting donations

Brittany's Story
Dear friends and supporters,

You’re probably wondering why we even started this organization so here’s my story: All my life I have been very privledged and certainly blessed as well, and it never really occurred to me how easy I have things. It never hit me that when I was buying shampoo and conditioner, that there are kids around my age that don’t even have these bare necessities. I decided to make it my mission to do everything I can to help underprivledged teens that are stuck in hard situations. 

One of my cousins, Nicole Kirk, who’s story you can read on our website, has gone through rehab for drug abuse and she shared with me how important these little things were to her when she was in a time of need. My mom is constantly traveling for work so she has collected hefty amounts of toilitries from her stays across the country and shared with me, why don’t we give these away when it’s something we can buy for ourselves, while certainly many people can’t?  

In 2014 I  won the title of USA National Miss Arizona Teen and I saw this as a major opportunity to make a big difference in the lives of teens. I ask you to join me on my journey of bringing these bare essentials to make teen’s lives just a little bit brighter.