We invite you to
become a friend and supporter
of Bare
Necessities 4 Teens today by your monetary, in-kind
donation or by
volunteering your time.
We invite you to become a friend and supporter of Bare Necessities 4 Teens today by your monetary, 
in-kind donation or by volunteering your time.

When you donate your money, personal care/other items, or provide event leadership, you are truly impacting the lives of challenged teens and for that, we very much appreciate you. 

Thanks for your consideration.

Monetary Contributions 

If you are wishing to make a cash donation please send a check to:

Bare Necessities 4 Teens LLC
c/o Brittany Julian
CEO Teen
326 W Granada Road
Phoenix, AZ 85003

On your mobile device donate by credit card here: 


If you are wishing to make a donation by credit card please visit our web-site at and look for the DONATE NOW Button and get access to our PayPal account.

We are all about Toiletries for Teens (and everyone can find a way to help)

We’ve all been there: You stay in a hotel and snag the unused toiletries for your own stash at home. After all, you did pay for the hotel room, so those are your toiletries!

Then, slowly but surely, your toiletry stash at home begins to look like a CVS or Walgreens (or the picture below). Don’t fret! We have the perfect solution! Donate your toiletries so that individuals in need can benefit from your stash of shampoo, conditioner, and all things hygiene-related! 

​If you’re in Phoenix, Bare Necessities 4 Teens is looking for your donations so we can support the charities that we have partnered with because we are supporting similar missions. There are so many disadvantaged Teens in our state and many of them would find your “Gift of Hope” just the perfect way to brighten their day. Nothing beats the Bare Necessities. Some of the items we are looking to have donated are shown below: