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We invite you to become a friend and supporter of Bare Necessities 4 Teens today by your monetary, in-kind donation or by volunteering your time. 

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Are you a teenager that is struggling with any of life’s challenges and you would benefit from some support from Bare Necessities 4 Teens?  

Are you a teenager that is struggling with any of lif
e’s challenges
and you would benefit from some support from Bare N
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Supporting Organizations that Support Arizona’s Teens

Our goal is to build a community of like-minded people who want to aggressively fundraise, collect in-kind donations (toiletries, personal care products, personal hygiene items, makeup and other self/family care items) and distribute them to disadvantaged teens, facing a variety of life challenges. We may connect with them when we bring on a new charity that we plan to support their mission or they may come directly to us through our website or community events we are hosting. Either way, we know there is a surprisingly significant number of Teens in need in Arizona and we plan to meet that need with an even greater amount of awareness, volunteer support, funds raised and items collected to really make a difference in the lives of Teens in our state

Board of directors

If you are interested to join our Board of Directors we are always looking for hard working, focused, action oriented people with a natural talent in fundraising, grant writing, event planning/hosting, and/or just have a real passion around ensuring the teens of our state have all the Bare Necessities they need. If you are the kind of person we are looking for, please feel free to email Kathie Julian, our Treasurer and Assistant to the CEO at


Our Mission

We are continuing to select charitable organizations, that with our support, we can deliver our mission by supporting them in theirs. The first organization that we have made a commitment to is The Changing Lives Center, which is apart of the Phoenix Rescue Mission. This charity made perfect sense to start with as we have a personal connection with them through one of our family members (and first volunteer in Bare Necessities 4 Teens) Nicole Kirk who just completed an 18-month transformation with them and recently graduated receiving her 12-month chip for being clean and sober for this time.  Nicole is now 3 years clean and sober and has married and has a new son. More details of Nicole's story can be found on our website. 

2015 was our first year of donating and what an amazing year it was. We added 5 additional charities to our list that we support: Phoenix Dream Center, UMOM, Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development, Tumble Tees, Maggie's Place, and Florence Crittenton. In 2020 we started working with Teen Challenge Arizona and Women4Women. We are always looking for new charities that would find value from our donations.